My name is Amanda and I am 9 years old. I’m one of hundreds of parts that make up the system of an extreme abuse survivor called A, who has Dissociative Identity Disorder.

A just had her 41st birthday; she’s highly skilled in her professional life and a wonderful mother and friend.

When trauma occurs that is beyond what a small child can tolerate without loosing their sanity, they sometimes find a way to split off that experience and to create other parts of themselves to holdĀ the trauma so that they can continue to function in the world. This ability to dissociate traumatic experiences is a creative coping strategy which saves the child, and is formally known as DID. What is less talked about is the reality that groups who sexually abuse children know all about this natural ability of very small children and exploit it; using severe and unendurable torture to deliberately create dissociated identities to serve their own purposes. This is known as Trauma Based Mind Control, but I prefer to call it deliberately programmed DID.

Our system is made up a mixture of spontaneously created parts (like me) and parts that were deliberately created by our abusers.

We have survived extreme sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, incest and child sexual exploitation.

We will continue to survive.